Day…Er, Um…Something

So, about two weeks ago, I left my job in Dallas, TX to move to Austin/New Braunfels, TX to start out in a new business venture with my husband, who we can affectionately call Husband Dearest and our business partner, Bri-Bri the Smilin’ Guy.

With the best of intentions, I started out on this blog, Day Zero! Day One! …only to be slapped with the reality that we would not have Internet for the next two weeks and Husband Dearest would commandeer the laptop at the nearest sight of a wireless signal.

Internet, I write to you know from the comfort of my Chicago hotel room almost like a child with a flashlight under the covers – I know as soon as Husband Dearest sees me on here, he will have an undeniable urge to DO SOMETHING ON EXCEL, IMMEDIATELY!!

Husband Dearest: “No really, can I do something on that – really quick.”

Me: “What now??”

Husband Dearest: “Very, very important! Excel! A puppy will die for every second I don’t do this Very Important Thing!”

Me: “Ok, Ok! Puppies, you say? Here, here take it!”

…grabs laptop…click, click, type, type, type. Excel formula equals pi times the radius, speed of light, average summary….

Husband Dearest: “Yep. My team should totally win this week in Fantasy Football.”

Internet, not to worry. Cable and Internet coming soon. Sanity depends on it.


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